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Victa Corvette Lithium Iron Key Start (Petrol Engine)

Brand: Victa
Product Code: VGKS484
Availability: Available

Having trouble starting your lawn mower? Sick pull staring it till your blue in the face? The revolutionary InStart technology by Briggs and Stratton eliminates that problem, meaning that starting your mower has never been easier.

The InStart technology combines the power of petrol with the starting reliability of lithium-ion technology to offer you the most advanced starting starting system. With the InStart technology you eliminate the hassle of priming, choking or pulling the engine in order to get it to start. The perfect combination of petrol power and smart starting! Offering up to 75 starts from one charge! (20 starts in from 20 minutes charge, or 1 hour charge for full capacity)

Powered by a massive 161cc 775IS Series Briggs & Stratton engine power will be no issue, its fuel efficiency and years of product development provides the consumer with an end product that is reliable and efficient.

Equipped with a large 19" cutting deck this lawn mower will make light work of any household block. Theres no primer or choke, all you have to do is turn the key and off you go! There is of course the ability to pull start your mower also.

This corvette key start has the ability to either catch the grass or mulch it with superior authority equipped with a mulch enhancing cutting disk ensuring an efficient cut every time you mow your lawn.

The Corvette key start also comes with swing back blade cutting system providing a cleaner cut to the operator and better performance on wet grass.

Also coming with a huge 3 year warranty on the frame and 3 year warranty on the engine giving you the piece of mind you deserve.

(NOTE: in the video a different mower is used but the Instant technology is the same. This mower is not self-propelled nor is it alloy)

$720.00 $654.55 ex
Victa Corvette Lithium Iron Key Start Petrol Engine
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Briggs & Stratton
InStart - Lithium Ion Battery
19" (48cm)
Pressed Steel
15-72mm (10 increments)
Yes (Rigid Plastic)
3 years
This key start feature enables you to start the mower with ease utilising the power and efficiency of lithium ion batteries to start your petrol engine mower. Chargeable to start in 10 minutes meaning that there is never going to be a hassle even if the battery runs flat!
The large 19" cutting width allows you to cut more grass in less time meaning you can get your lawns cut quickly with the help of the this Victa lawn mower. The steel materials means the machine is still light and easily to maneovour around your backyard.
The swing-back blade system protects the mower from some damage attained by hitting hard objects that would normally destroy the engine if a bar blade system was being used.

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InStart TechnologyInStart Technology
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