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Greenfield 10XL Ride-On Mower

Product Code: 10XL
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Greenfield has brought into the market a small ride on mower built for Australian grass not lawn and is called the Greenfield 10XL! This little mower features an ideal 30" cut so you can get in all those tight areas whilst being powered by a reliable 10.5hp Briggs and Stratton engine in the rear for clear vision and it is also protected by a guard at the back. What makes this ride on mower perfect for Australian conditions is it features swing back blades much like the traditional Greenfield mowers. Swing back blades means this mower can handle rougher properties as if you do hit something that does not move you may damage a blade but not the spindle housing like you would on an American machine with Bar Blades. 

This mower is affordable for people which getting a unit made to cut grass, its lock diff on the rear does mean the turn circle is a little limited although it gets great traction for uneven terrain. Its cork driven with no gears making operating this machine a breeze!!!

A Full metal construction means no plastic and no easy parts to break as this unit is built to last and a self-tensioning drive belt means there will be no slack in the belt as it stretches because the unit will tighten accordingly. 


Greenfield 10XL RideOn Mower
Greenfield 10XL RideOn Mower
Greenfield 10XL RideOn Mower
Greenfield 10XL RideOn Mower
  • Specifications
  • Features
Briggs and Stratton
Cork (Friction Drive)
2 years
Up to 8.5kph
Five segments ranging from 15mm - 65mm in height
This is pivotal in ensuring it is a mower for Aussie grass. Unlike in America we have some fairly rough mowing conditions and swing back blades makes this mower that little more durable.
Getting a mower powered by a well known brand is vital as you can turn to a dealership for help easily when something goes wrong. Briggs powered engines are extremely common and parts and expert knowledge is easy to come by!
Its cork driven with no gears making operating this machine a breeze!!!. Its simply forward and reverse with your foot with no need to be fiddling with gears.

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