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Toro Groundsmaster 1200 PTO Pull-Behind Mower

Brand: TORO
Product Code: 31905
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This unit is unmatched by any other company in the world. The Toro Groundsmaster 1200 pull behind the mower is a PTO-powered pull behind mower that utilises a combination of productivity, durability, and superior cutting unit. Three features the Toro name has showcased for a number of years. 

The huge 3.7m width of cut can mow up to 3.53 hectares/h at 9.7km/h which is super efficient and productive! When Toro designed this product they designed it with durability and strength in mind so this mower can provide years of reliable mowing. The spindle assemblies are the same ones that you will find on Toro's largest rotary mowers that are capable of withstanding the toughest and roughest conditions. 

The unit features a bi-directional impact-resistant system to provide additional protection to the wing decks and increase their durability. The Groundsmaster 1200's independently articulated deck moves with the undulating ground for an exceptional finish on uneven ground. When you combine this with the dual roller design to deliver a high-quality cut and rich turf striping in most conditions. 

This unit has superior blade tip speed compared to competing slashes on the market which results in a superior finish when cutting grass. This unit is not designed for roadside slashing but for larger open areas such as airports, schools, parks, sports grounds, and much more. 

The decks have gearboxes that include an overrunning clutch that acts to isolate the force from accidental blade impacts to the mower and tractor safe. Contact us today for availability and a personalised quote. 


Toro Groundsmaster 1200 PTO PullBehind Mower
Toro Groundsmaster 1200 PTO PullBehind Mower
Toro Groundsmaster 1200 PTO PullBehind Mower
Toro Groundsmaster 1200 PTO PullBehind Mower
Toro Groundsmaster 1200 PTO PullBehind Mower
Toro Groundsmaster 1200 PTO PullBehind Mower
Toro Groundsmaster 1200 PTO PullBehind Mower
  • Specifications
  • Features
Mows up to 8.73 acres/h (3.53 hectares/h) at 6 mph (9.7 km/h), assumes no overlap or stops
Overall: 12 feet (365 cm), Individual deck: 54" (137 cm), Overlap: 9" (23 cm)
Blade Tip Speed
9 blades, 19" (48.3 cm) long, 2.5" (6.4 cm) wide, 0.25" (6.4 mm) thick
10-guage high strength steel constructed deck with 7-gauge bolt-in reinforcements. 7-gauge welded steel side skids with 5" diameter steel rollers.
PTO driveshaft drives 4-way gearbox, secondary driveshafts drive individual deck gearboxes, spindles belt driven with spring tensioner pulley.
Transport Height: 75.75"
0.5" to 4.0" (1.3 cm to 10.2 cm) infinitely variable
Transport Length: 145.5" (Hitch fully extended)
Minimum 35 HP (26kW) at the PTO, 540 RPM
1.25" (3.17 cm) diameter spindle shafts, 9" (22.9 cm) diameter conical ductile iron housing and two greaseable tapered roller bearings. Driven counter clockwise when viewed from the top.
20 X 10 - 10 6 ply K500 turf tread
Total weight: 2984 lbs. (1354 kg), Tongue Weight in Transport: 691 lbs. (313 kg)
Width (decks down): 149.8" Transport Width: 86" (at 1/2" HOC)
Cutting Deck Protection
The Toro bi-directional impact absorption system was designed for an impact of 5 mph which allows the unit to stand up when the operator has an accident. The spring-loaded cylinder allows the deck to rotate upon impact. This rotating action absorbs the peak force experienced when an operator strikes an object, protecting the main deck and frame components so you have less down time and more productivity.
Simple Height of Cut Adjustment
The Groundsmaster 1200 is not only a highly productive mower, it's also very versatile with the Toro simple deck height adjustment. Each deck features four mowing height adjustment points making it simple and quick to deliver the exact mowing height for superior conditions. This leaves a consistent finish - something that you always want to achieve.
Robust Gearboxes
Strength, and durability. The deck gearboxes include an overrunning clutch that isolates the force from accidental blade impacts to keep the mower and tractor safe when operating.
Durable Spindles
Ductile cast iron spindle housing is large in diameter [9 in. (229 mm) at the base] to dissipate impact loads - this is seen as industry leading and a reason Toro has such a reputable name. Dual tapered roller bearings last up to six times longer than ball bearings.
Dual Rollers
The two full width rollers on the front and rear of each deck help deliver an exceptional quality of cut. The front roller help reduce scalping in undulated terrain while the rear roller delivers the exceptional turf striping. Each roller includes heavy duty bearings featuring easy access grease points.
Maximum Productivity
The Groundsmaster 1200 features a deck lift system allowing for the decks to be lifted from the turf while the PTO is engaged to quickly turn around without scuffing or transport over cart paths, this is a great feature that has been added by the Toro team. This system helps keep the operator running at peak productivity which is exactly what you want to achieve..
Quick Transport
The Groundsmaster 1200 wing decks fold up near vertical for a narrow 86" (218.4cm) transport width making it easy to get from site to site. Additionally, the transport wheels feature a torsion axle delivering a remarkably smooth ride making transport quick and comfortable

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