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Stihl FS 250 R Brushcutter

Brand: Stihl
Product Code: 41342000290
Availability: Instore Sales Only

The all new Stihl FS 250 brushcutter model is durable and strong in its design while still maintaining its lightweight practicality.

Boasting the great 2-stroke technology you have come to love by Stihl the FS 250 brushcutter is ideal for large property owners or professional contractors.

The power and solid drive shaft will ensure that you are purchasing a brushcutter that is built to last and will not disappoint.

$849.00 $771.82 ex
Stihl FS 250 R Brushcutter
  • Specifications
  • Features
1.6/2.2 (kW/hp)
Stihl Anti-vibration Starting System
This innovative Stihl invention nullifies the vibration of the brushcutter significantly. Meaning that this piece of equipment is more comfortable to use compared to its competitors.
Loop Handle
The loop handle means that this brush cutter ideal for confined areas taking up little room. It will also easily be turned on its side to do the edges conveniently.
Stihl ElastoStart
This Stihl handle results in a smooth starting process by removing the sudden peak forces. This is achieved through the integral damper which softens the power profile that is generated during starting, providing and easier starting product.
Stihl Compensator
The Stihl compensator controller in the carburettor stops the fuel-air combination from getting to rich as the air filter becomes clogged. Meaning that the correct amount of fuel is pushed to the carburettor depending on the amount of air passing through the air filter. Maintaining the perfect fuel to air ratio in the combustion mixture constant and as a result so is the engine power.

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