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Greenworks Optimus Z 48" 18kWh Zero-Turn Mower

Product Code: 7403007AU (CZ48R18X)
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The most powerful and advanced lithium-powered zero-turn is coming to Australia. The Optimus Z.

This high-performing unit operates with the equivalent power of a 51hp / 816cc petrol-powered unit. This, accompanied by the Greenworks advanced 19K Constant Smart Cutting System and patented PowrTraq Smart Drive System delivers a unit that is unmatched in the industry when it comes to cutting ability and performance. 

The unique design results in the unit achieving the best center of gravity in the industry by shifting the battery to be situated under the operator. This balances the unit and also reduces its footprint at the rear of the unit making it much nicer to drive and operate. The unit can handle 15-degree slopes safely and cut at 25.5km/ph

The constant blade tip speed on 19,000FPM provides an exceptional cut and with no belts and no pulleys, you get that constantly through the cut. Normal, traditional petrol units can lag/ slow when they come under substantial load. The unit will also skillfully adjust its cut speed for various conditions to ensure your cutting quality is always enhanced to its best. 

The Greenworks Optimus Z is the ultimate productivity machine. Engineered for all-day commercial use, the built-in 18kWh battery module with sale LFP cell technology allows landscapers to mow up to 16 acres per charge and enjoy 5 hours of run time.* With the fast charger you can full charge the OptimusZ 18kWh unit in only 2.5 hours!

Super quiet operation and 360-degree LED lighting allow for greater productivity as you can start earlier and cut during noise-sensitive times. This equals more business opportunities or simply a greater working period to get jobs done. 

Real-time 4G/ GPS. That's right, real-time and it's the only unit in its class. This feature enables fleet management via the units software and the Greenworks Commercial app anytime, anywhere. Connectivity provides instant visibility to usage statistics and live insights into battery status and all system functions. In addition, the 4G module enables over-the-air (OTA) software updates to guarantee your machine always has the latest and greatest software without ever having to step foot in the dealership or repair shop! Monitor your blade time, how long you are cutting for, how long it takes to do certain properties and how long your blades are lasting. Get it stuck in sticky ground? Lock the rear wheel drive and get maximum traction to pull yourself out!

The Greenworks OptimusZ 48" 18kWh Commercial Zero-Turn mower is backed by a huge 5-year or 2000-hour warranty period. 



Greenworks Optimus Z 48 18kWh Zero Turn Mower
Greenworks Optimus Z 48 18kWh Zero Turn Mower
Greenworks Optimus Z 60 24kWh ZeroTurn Mower
Greenworks Optimus Z 60 24kWh ZeroTurn Mower
Greenworks Optimus Z 48 18kWh Zero Turn Mower
Greenworks Optimus Z 60 24kWh ZeroTurn Mower
Greenworks Optimus Z 60 24kWh ZeroTurn Mower
Greenworks Optimus Z 60 24kWh ZeroTurn Mower
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240V 15A (3.3kW) | Fully Charge in 6 hours
240V 33A (8kW) | Fully Charge in 2 hours
3 heavy duty bar blades
17 positions from 1"- 5"
up-to 6 hours depending on the modes and cutting conditions.
51HP | 816cc
5-year or 2000-hour warranty period
4G / GPS Connectivity
Connect your units from anywhere in real -time data. This includes the units location, performance, metrics and battery status. 4g / GPS connectivity also enables over-the-air (OTA) software updates so you never have to go into a dealership for any software upgrades!
Bolt-On Replaceable Deck Baffles and Rollers
Provides the user with an excellent serviceability experience by allowing easy replacement processes for commonly worn out parts.
Ergonomic Handles
Adjustable L-Shaped handlebars with patented quick-access buttons enable users to change blade speed and drive speed without needing to remove their hands from the lap bars.
Robust Custom-Fabricated Steel Deck
Made to last. 7-gauge steel deck is constructed with high-precision robotically seam-welded chassis and machine-accurate laser cutting.
2" Receiver and Rear Tow Point
Allows users access to an array of 2"receiver compatible attachments a tow point to conveniently pull the mower from unfavourable positions if you manage to get it stuck!
I-BEAM Front End
Far more robust compared to the previous model and bolt-on assembly provides easy replacement and adjustment. Also allows ETO use
State-Of-The-Art 4.3"LCD Touchscreen
Intuitive interface, glove-safe touch, and ultra-bright screen provide excellent visibility and an unmatched user experience. This LCD touchscreen is backed by an IPX56 protection rating. Control everything and see everything from your command screen.
Safety & Agility
Optimised to achieve the lowest possible center of gravity, allowing for maximum stability when climbing or driving at higher speeds.
17 Deck Height Positions
Stay in control of your cut with 17 positions ranging from 1"- 5".
Reinforced Casters
Equipped with a dual-layered, half-inch metal plating for maximum caster durability and strength.
All-Day Comfort
Not only is there less noise and less vibration than a petrol unit this machine is also fitted with a comfortable premium, fully adjustable commercial-grade suspension seat with included lumbar support and adjustable arms.
Rubber Discharge Flap with Hook Loop
Provides exceptional knock-down performance to keep debris from flying upwards and comes with a hook loop for convenient flap raising when transporting or storing the mower.
Rear Utility Plate
Tow up to 114kg.
USB-A and USB-C Charging and Water Resistant Storage Pocket
Safely store and charge mobile devices while operating the machine.
Electronic Take Off (ETO)
Provides power-on-the-go for users to operate powered attachments coming in Q2 of 2023.
Stamped-In Nonslip Deck Step Design
A nonslip step location on the deck helps operators safely climb in and out of the machine with ease.
Cup Holders
2 cup holders for on the job.
Battery First
Intelligently designed to maximise the space between the from and alongside two industry-first, low-profile hub drive motors tucked away into the rear wheels to achieve the lowest centre of gravity in the industry. This allows users to safely and confidently tackle higher sloped applications.
Easy Serviceability and Maintenance
Less maintenance compared to petrol, 2000 hours maintenance-free drive system. Bolt on, replaceable deck baffles and rollers. Rear controller location allows easy access for excellent serviceability. The 2" receiver port for the front allows for the unit to be easily jacked up to replace blades. Only maintenance required is greasing front caster wheels.
360 Degree High-Intensity "Halo" LED Illumination
Provides users with maximum visibility around the entire machine, increasing the user safety and productivity in low-light settings and applications. B--directional lighting on the ROPS and, standard strobing, and flashing red rear LED's keep operators visible and safe while traveling on streets and busy areas. This superior lighting system, combined with the low-noise operation, means users can now safely work at any time.
IP Intelligent Power by Greenworks
The combination of battery, motor, controls and charging systems in sync deliver unmatched performance compared to any other petrol or battery unit.
Greenworks Commercial Optimus Z Zero TurnGreenworks Commercial Optimus Z Zero Turn
Greenworks Optimus Z builtGreenworks Optimus Z built
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