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Goldacres has been a well-established company for over a quarter of a century, originating in the farming area of Ballarat in Victoria. They have been supplying farmers and the public for years with high-quality and technologically advanced spraying equipment. This equipment has made the lives of many much easier as they are able to rely on the durable, robust and high-performance products made by Goldacres.

At Henderson Mowers & Chainsaws Ballarat, we can meet all your Goldacres product needs. We can assist you in picking sprayers that are suitable for your property and purpose, including grass spraying, vine spraying, and fence line spraying! Goldacres make a range of booms, spray guns, and sprayers that are either powered by 12v pumps or petrol engines.

For all your Goldacres spraying needs, contact the team at Henderson Mowers for help today.