Segway Navimow

Robotic mowers are definitely the future of grass-cutting as they deliver us more of what we cherish, time. The Segway Navimow robotic mower is now available at Hendersons and combines virtual boundaries with AI to give you a seamless solution to your grass-cutting needs. The mower requires no installation costs, and no perimeter wire resulting in an easy-to-installed DIY robotic mower that will deliver you with more time. 

The intuitive app design makes using, operating, controlling, and mastering your Segway mower a walk in the park. Join the robotic mower revolution and buy yourself a Segway Navimow. 

Choose a life without boundaries. 



EFLS for Centimeter-level Accuracy

Compared with GPS, the Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) Positioning System significantly improves positioning accuracy. Combining data from multiple sensors, Navimow can handle even the most complex terrains while mowing in the most efficient pattern possible.