Greenfield logo

Greenfield is a household company name and has been for years when the discussion of outdoor power equipment was the topic on the table. The bright yellow Tonka truck design was known for its durability, strength and iconic look. Cox, who have now recreated the traditional Greenfield Fastcut Standard and Deluxe, also have available the Piecemaker shredder which is taking on a new identity of its own. Manufactured by Cox, the Piecemaker shredder is the same as the traditional ones you have come to know and love. They feature the same shape, and same cutting design and provide the same outcome. Henderson Mowers is your one-stop-shop for all your Greenfield/ piecemaker needs.

Come spring 2022, Hendersons will have on display the new range of Greenfield ride on mowers- recreating the traditional Greenfield Fastcut that you have come to know and love.

The Greenfield Fastcut will slash your Aussie grass in next to no time, and also leave a nice finish in the areas you keep well maintained. Everyone knows nothing cuts Aussie grass like a Greenfield.