Battery Tools

Greenworks has been a leading battery industry manufacturer for years and is a household name within the US and has finally hit Australian Shores. To begin with, Greenworks will be establishing both the 24 volt and the 40 volt range within our country by selling the most common products found in your typical Australian back yard. These include Greenworks blowers, mowers, hedge trimmers, line trimmers and more that can be purchased here at Henderson Mowers & Chainsaws Ballarat.

82 Volt commercial Greenworks equipment is leading the way in battery environment. It has the most diverse range of commercial battery tools with their signature 82v Optimus Z range changing the game. No gas, no belts, no pulleys. Maintenance costs are shaved.

The face behind the Greenworks brand is a company that has years of battery experience - Globe Group. The company is leading the way in producing a variety of compact, affordable and quality battery-powered handheld tools. Everyone knows that lithium technology is the future and the future starts here with Greenworks.

Globe Tools manufacture and produce for a number of subsidiaries around the world specialising in research and development, controlling the supply chain as we make our own product, guaranteeing superior performance, backing it with a warranty.

Jump onboard the battery revolution with Greenworks tools Australia.