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Perfect lawn and more time for garden projects

Enjoy more time creating a spectacular garden whilst the STIHL iMOW® robotic mower takes care of your lawn like a true professional. When you choose a robotic mower by STIHL, you’re choosing a gardening partner that will allow you to achieve the perfect lawn whilst you tackle bigger projects in the garden.

Your Partner in the Garden

Your new iMOW® won’t be your only new gardening partner; your local iMOW® dealer will also be by your side every step of the way. From an initial lawn inspection and survey, right through to installation and after care, they’ll help you to select the right iMOW® for your garden and ensure it’s set up and working to achieve the exceptional results you expect.

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The benefits of an iMOW robotic mower

  • The iMOW robotic mower doesn’t just mow the lawn, it provides fully automatic lawn care tailored to your garden
  • Mows efficiently and quickly, allowing for more time to enjoy your garden. Under ideal conditions, the RMI 422 P model can mow an 1500m2 lawn area in just 25 hours per week
  • Mows like a perfectionist, the robotic mower is programmed to utilise optimum mowing paths to ensure the lawn is cut evenly all-over. Just set the cutting height using the simple cutting height adjuster and iMOW does the rest
  • Lush lawn, the great thing about the iMOW is that it mows and cares for your lawn at the same time. During mowing, it shreds the grass clippings finely, which fall back onto the lawn acting as an effective fertiliser (known as mulching). Not only does this provide vital nourishment to help grow a thick and healthy lawn, it also means there are no grass clippings to collect and dispose of
  • Continuous mowing, easy to use, come rain or shine iMOW keeps mowing until the job is done. Adaptive slope speed technology means iMow can mow inclines of up to 24° (45%) with ease. The robotic mower adjusts its speed to suit the mowing conditions, moving slower over long, thick grass, or on hilly terrain
  • Easy to use, whilst the iMOW robotic mower is a high-tech machine, once installed it is very easy to use. The intuitive user interface and LED display make programming simple in all conditions.

Quick and Smart

iMOW is one of the fastest robotic mowers on the market, giving you more time to enjoy your freshly cut lawn. In order to maintain that both the cut and the quality is of the highest standard, iMOW adjusts its working speed according to the gradient of the terrain and the length of the grass to leave lawn with a precise finish.

iMOW finds its own way

iMOW mows your lawn automatically and in according with your garden’s needs. The built-in sensors safely react to moving and static objects within the garden, which in turn redirects iMOW to cut in another direction.

iMOW will also remember how much lawn has been cut and how much is left of the dynamic mowing plan. If it has a large area left to mow and the battery is running low, it will charge itself faster. And when it is done working for the day, it charges at a slower and more economical rate, which helps to prolong battery life and save energy.

Safety, Security and Innovative Cutting Technology

iMOW uses a double sharpened mulching blade to mow the grass and ensure a precise cutting pattern. The rotational direction of the blade changes automatically every time the blade stops to ensure even blade wear and a longer service life. Safety measures and sensors have been put in place to stop the blade automatically as soon as someone tries to lift the iMOW. Theft protection includes PIN only operation and your iMOW robotic mower will be programmed to only be operable with the coding of the docking station.

Your Neighbours will Love You

Thanks to an interference-free signal, the mowing zone is defined with a perimeter wire which transmits an interference-free signal. This means that the signal does not compete with other signals, such as those of your neighbour’s robotic mower.

Because the iMOW robotic mower works so quietly, your neighbours will hardly notice it’s there.

The Partner You Desire

The Stihl robotic mower can take care of the grass cutting like a true professional and become the gardening partner you desire.

Your time, well saved

When you choose a robotic mower by Stihl, you’re making a quality investment in your time and your garden.

A Model for Small to Large Gardens

Find the right one for you.

RMI 422P


Fast and manoeuvrable on smaller lawns, the STIHL RMI 422 P iMOW robotic mower is perfect for small to medium-sized gardens, even with slopes and corners.

Maximum lawn area
(up to approx)
Average mowing time
(based on the above area)
25 hrs
Optimum lawn area 650m2
Battery type Li-Ion 18.5 V
Battery power 80 Wh
Battery capacity 4.5 Ah
Performance 60 W
Cutting height 20-60mm
Cutting width 20cm
Maximum gradient 22º / 40%
Sound power level 60 dB(A)
(including battery)
9 kg
(L x W x H)
60 x 43 x 27cm
RMI 632 P


High performance for large lawns, the STIHL RMI 632 P iMOW robotic mower can handle large lawn areas of up to 4,000m2 with ease.

Maximum lawn area
(up to approx)
Average mowing time
(based on the above area)
40 hrs
Optimum lawn area 2,000m2
Battery type Li-Ion 29 V
Battery power 194 Wh
Battery capacity 6.8 Ah
Performance 185 W
Cutting height 20-60mm
Cutting width 28cm
Maximum gradient 24º / 45%
Sound power level 59 dB(A)
(including battery)
14 kg
(L x W x H)
73 x 54 x 27cm

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