Cordless Power Equipment

What range is right for you? Let's start from the bottom:

AS System:

The Stihl AS System is the battery range that is perfect for small gardening jobs. Its the gadget range when it comes to lithium-ion battery tools and you will love them. They are the lightest tools in the Stihl battery range and take a smaller compact lithium battery compared to the rest of the products. Mostly, their design is based around replacing a manual tool you would commonly find in the household job by allowing you to complete it faster, more efficiently and with minimal noise. The Stihl AS battery system is revolutionising how you care for your garden on a weekly basis.

AI System:

The Stihl AI battery system is the entry-level lithium-ion power equipment when it comes to larger tools commonly used in the garden such as a line trimmer, blower and hedge cutter. These tools are compact, user friendly and efficient in what they do. These tools, unlike the rest of the range, have an inbuilt battery in each tool and are built to a price point which is super affordable and great value for money. They are based around shorter run times and smaller gardens but allow you to efficiently and effectively keep control of your garden without spending a fortune on lithium-ion power tools.

AK System:

The AK battery system is where you begin to step into a higher-end Stihl product with different batteries, a wider range of products and interchangeable batteries and skins. This market is designed for the homeowner that has a medium-sized backyard and is more interested in a better quality product with longer run times, greater power and a bigger range. These units can be purchased in a kit with the specified battery and can also be purchased as a skin only if you already have a battery and charger at home. In this range, you will find products such as line trimmers, hedge cutters, blowers, mowers and chainsaws. The AK range is forever being expanded and developed and is ideal for the homeowner who is taking that step away from petrol-powered products and wants to own a high-quality tool to help maintain their garden.

AP System:

The Stihl AP battery system is where all the magic happens. The best of the best. Stihl's AP battery system is aimed at high-end domestic and commercial use with a large range of high-quality tools powered by 36v lithium-ion batteries which have proven to be the perfect balance between runtime, output and weight. The AP tools are sold solely as skins with the consumer selecting the tool they desire, the battery that meets their run-time needs and a charger that satisfies their waiting patience. The AP range- although used extensively by commercial gardeners, local councils and schools are more commonly being used by a domestic end-user.

The AP range has proven to be quiet, powerful and reliable at an extremely affordable price point resulting in the majority of sales coming from your typical homeowner. The AP range is forever expanding with a large range of products, and the tools will only keep on coming. If you're a serious home gardener, prefer the best or simply need a tool you can 100% rely on, you will not be disappointed by the Stihl AP range.