Kohler has been powering the needs of humans for over 50 years and their high-quality engines and generators are a product that we can trust. Built for all applications, there is a Kohler engine or generator to suit your needs.

Henderson Mowers & Chainsaws Ballarat stock and sell a range of Kohler engines (both Horizontal and Vertical shaft engines), Kohler spare parts, Kohler mufflers, Kohler Service kits and more. We also ship Australia-wide!

Henderson Mowers is also a supplier for the popular and reliable Kohler Lombardi Diesel engines. These engines are built for a range of purposes and we have available the smaller Kohler diesel single-cylinder units - all the way up to the industrial Kohler diesel engines that are twin, and 3-cylinder machines. The Kohler diesel engines come in air or water cooled units.