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Marolex Sprayers and reliable, strong and durable enough to take a place in your shed no matter whether you're a contractor, homeowner or garden enthusiast, the Marolex sprayer range will have something for you.

They have a range of sprayers including hand-held sprayers, backpack sprayers and wheel behind sprayers meaning there is always a Marolex product for every person's needs. Their extendable wands (lances), multiple filters and reinforced hoses ensure that Marolex sprayers are backed in for the long haul.

What really does separate them from the rest is the availability of spare parts, meaning that if something small needs repairing, unlike its competitors, parts can be sourced instead of having to purchase a brand new one.

So if you need a sprayer, buy at Henderson Mowers & Chainsaws Ballarat. Buy a Marolex!