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Marolex Master 2000 Sprayer

Brand: OTHER
Product Code: BGP1481069950201
Availability: Available

Marolex has really created a name for themselves within the spraying industry, creating products that are designed to last a long time. This little hand held sprayer is simple and easy to use in your backyard.

The sprayer is equiped with a simple internal pump and external thumb trigger, the adjustable spray nozzle lets you control the stream and a strong tank means minimal pumping is required for it to operate.

Marolex Master 2000 Sprayer
Marolex Master 2000 Sprayer
Marolex Master 2000 Sprayer
Marolex Master 2000 Sprayer
  • Specifications
  • Features
2 Litres
.4 MPa
Hand pump
0.5kg (Dry)
12 Months
High pressure tank
The manufacturing method used to produce the casing for marled sprayers ensures maximum safety. The moulding is injected rather than blowing and multi-stage quality control which guarantees a longer lasting operational time in comparison to competitors.
Safety Valve
The safety valve design is another reason proving that Marolex regards the operators well-being at a high priority. The valve acts to not allow the pressure within the tank to rise above the rated 0.4MPa preventing anything dangerous from occurring with regards to high pressure. The excess pressure will be released through the valve to maintain the required pressure.
Additional seal
In multiple areas on the sprayer the openings are double sealed to prevent any leakages and preserve the environment.
Adjustable nozzle
This allows the user to control how the liquid is released from the lance. You can adjust the nozzle to release only a light mist or on the other hand you can adjust it for a more concentrated application.
Efficient high-pressure pump
The pumps used by Marled remove the metal piston found inside most other sprayers. The reason being they believe it is susceptible to corrosion after years of use due to the harsh chemicals (despite an zinc coating that may be applied). Instead, they have employed a plastic ribbed pump that is stable and robust. Engineered using computer aided software to ensure optimum performance and efficiency. The new handle design is also more comfortable due to its redefined shape and optimises the use of the pump.

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