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Stihl MS 151 TC-E Top Handle Chainsaw

Brand: STIHL
Product Code: 11462000064
Availability: Instore Sales Only

Slightly more power than the older MS 150 TC-E but still the same lightweight design you love!

These chainsaws are ideal for pruning and cutting back smaller branches with ease. Traditionally a top-handle saw is designed for an arborist as they are lightweight, durable, super maneuverable and can be used with one hand making them perfect for an arborist to use whilst in a tree. Although all this is true it is also the perfect saw for someone that needs a smaller high-quality product for cleaning up around the home. Its compact design doesn't just make it ideal for use whilst on a rope or in a tree but also makes it ideal for the lighter jobs around the home. 

The German-made saw features the smaller Picco 1/4 chain and is a high performing saw that delivers precise cuts. 

Stihl MS 151 TC E Top Handle Chainsaw
Stihl MS 151 TC E Top Handle Chainsaw
Stihl MS 151 TC E Top Handle Chainsaw
  • Specifications
  • Features
1.1/1.5 (kW/bhp)
2.6 kg
1/4" P
200 ml
4.9/4.9 (left/right m/s²)
2.6 (kg/kW)
96 dB(A)
Advanced Combustion Technology
This features Stihl's four overflow channels which act to combine the fuel and air mix before the ignition that allows the saw to achieve the optimum combustion at hand which turns in to peak saw performance. This also results in a more fuel efficient saw as its consumption is lowered and greater torque is achieved across a broad rpm range.
Anti-Vibraton System
Using a chainsaw always results is significant vibration causing fatigue for the operator. Thats why Stihl's anti-vibration system is an innovative piece of technology that sets it apart from the rest. The vibration system sees the oscillations from the engine dampened reducing the handle vibration.
Is the process of the controller in the carby preventing the fuel-air mixture from getting too rich when the air filter gets blocked up. Ensuring the right amount of fuel is delivered to the carby while taking into consideration the amount of air coming through the air filter. This ensures the mixture is constant and in return results in constant engine power.
Manual Fuel PumpA primer delivers the fuel to the carburettor at the touch of a button making cold starts a lot easier.
Side Chain Tensioning
On the side of the chainsaw, on the sprocket cover is an easily accessible screw to tighten the chain accordingly.
Stihl Ematic-System
This automatic chain lubrication system ensures that the exact right amount of oil is applied to the chain at the right point at the right time. This precise system means less oil is consumed by the saw and increase the precision of oiling and optimum lubrication. The Ematic system can reduce bar oil consumption up to 50%.
Stihl has revolutionised the way we start a chainsaw with their innovative Easy2Start system. Selected saws like this one now feature an extra spring between the crankshaft and the rope rotor. Less effort is required to pull the cord tensioning the spring against the compression resistance of the engine. With the spring automatically sending the power of the spring to the crankshaft making it turn for an easier start.

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