NEW Honda EU32i Generator: Coming to Australia July 2022

NEW Honda EU32i Generator: Coming to Australia July 2022

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The lightest, most portable 3.2Kva generator is coming to Australian shores and we are super excited. More power output, more fuel-efficient, more features and a smaller footprint to go with it. This blog will briefly cover some of the benefits of the brand new Honda EU32i and what to expect. 



What's different?

The EU30iu Hany generator is one of the most popular 3.0Kva generators on the market. Although, if anyone ever had any reservations about the product it was due to the weight and the size of the machine. Well, Honda has addressed that in abundance - not only is this machine lighter it's also smaller in dimensions! This unit is 8.4kg lighter than the EU30iu coming in at only 26kg (dry weight)! 

The new EU32i is also much smaller in size than the EU30iu making it more portable and easy to transport. Dimensions:

  • EU30IU 62.2 x 37.9 x 48.9 (cm)
  • EU32i 57.1 x 30.6 x 45.2 (cm)

As you can see that the unit takes up much less realestate!

The EU32iu has MORE POWER producing 3.2kVA max output on startup with the older EU30iu producing only 3.0kVA although they both have the same rated output of 2.6kVA. What this means is that the newer EU32i has the ability to start electrical appliances, tools etc. that require a higher max startup that the EU30iu normally would not be able to start. For those of you not familiar with electrical requirements (whole another topic) most items require a higher about of watts to start the machine then once running it does require as much power. This is where the newer EU32i could be advantageous. If you have an airconditioner in your van that requires more power to initially start it then this generator could be the difference between running it and melting in the heat!!

FUEL INJECTION means more efficient running times which means less fuel consumption which means more money in the back pocket for another slab! This EU32i is 35% more fuel efficient than the older EU30iu at the rated load using only 1.09L of fuel per hour @ 25% load. Less fuel is always a good thing!

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