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Honda HRU216 Buffalo Pro Lawn Mower B/B

Brand: HONDA
Product Code: HRU216M3TBUH
Availability: Available
NOW $1,745.00
WAS $1,799.00

Continuing with the brand new Honda Lawn Mower range is the HRU216 Buffalo Pro Lawnmower with blade brake technology and a self-propelled drive system. What differentiates this model from the other new Honda buffalo mowers is obviously the wider 21" cut and the self-propelled drive to make mowing that much easier. It also has a bag catcher that is capable of holding up to a huge 70 liters of grass before it needs to be emptied.

This mower is ideal for medium to large areas for domestic or commercial use! It features the larger GXV160 which has a cast-iron cylinder sleeve making it more durable and longer-lasting.

This engine is also equipped with a larger air filter to protect the engine and a larger fuel tank for fewer fill-ups whilst mowing. And also a manual throttle control so you're in control of the revs all the time. Like the other new models, the rear chute is completely open to improving catching ability in the wet and prevent it from jamming up. The newly designed base is much lighter and the new shape also helps to optimise mulching.

The mow-safe technology is fitted with a blade brake which is more convenient than the engine brake-equipped on lower models. Here the removal of your hands from the bar will shut the blades off but keep the engine running. Can mulch, rear discharge or catch! 4-year domestic warranty! 2-year commercial warranty.


NEW Honda HRU216 Buffalo Pro Lawn Mower BB
NEW Honda HRU216 Buffalo Pro Lawn Mower BB
NEW Honda HRU216 Buffalo Pro Lawn Mower BB
NEW Honda HRU216 Buffalo Pro Lawn Mower BB
NEW Honda HRU216 Buffalo Pro Lawn Mower BB
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Blade Brake
OHV with Cast-Iron Bore
Cast Aluminium
1 Lever
16-80 (MM) 11 stages
Dacron Bag
70 Litres
The HRU216 features a generous 21" cutting chassis so you can cut more grass in a shorter period of time saving you time and money!
The 3 speed self propelled drive system allows the operator to find a suitable speed and mow for long periods of time without getting fatigued. It also makes mowing on hills exceptionally easier as the mower will pull itself up the incline for you. The gearbox driven drive means no belts and is much more durable than other competing self-propelled drives on the market.
This is what separates this model from the other HRU216 buffalo pro as it features the blade break system rather than the engine break. This utilises a clutch which is much more convenient as releasing the handle only stops the blades from rotating but keeps the engine running, this means that you don't have to start the mower again after emptying the catcher or letting go of the handle in general.
Bigger engine, bigger fuel tank, bigger airfilter. The HRU216 Buffalo Pro is designed to give you that little bit extra in ever department.
This is a massive upside to going the bigger model. A cast iron cylinder sleeve is commercial grade engine as it does not wear as quick making this engine more durable and longer lasting.
Honda has built a reputation on building engines which are reliable, durable and easy to start. This GCV160 is no different utilising their four stroke tech, automatic choke for easy operation and quiet noise levels to keep everyone happy.
The newly designed base is extremely lightweight compared to the older models which is an issue they wanted to address. This makes the mower and lot easier to operate to users of all backgrounds can easily push it around their property. Obviously not a light as the model down as it has a larger take etc but still lighter than the equivalent model in the old Honda range.
The aluminium base means that it is a lot more durable and reliable than the steel ones on the market. As it is aluminium it is also rust free!!!
Thank-god for this! The new Honda lawn mower range has gone away from the enclosed back to a completely open one. Consequently these mowers cut and catch wet grass just as good as they do dry with it not getting caught in the chute!
With this Honda lawn mower you can catch the grass, mulch the grass with the rear plug insert or alternatively rear discharge the grass! Giving you all three options in one!

No manuals are currently available

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