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Lawnporn Launch+ Fertiliser 1L

Product Code: 0LWNPNLH1
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Ever feel like your lawn looks sluggish? You have just paid a mint for fresh turf, it's been laid and your hitting prime time for growth season and you're hoping the roots establish themselves and this lawn you want to be the envy of the street kicks into gear resulting in lush green grass which resembles that of the MCG. Well, you better give it every opportunity too by utilising the Lawn Porn Launch fertiliser. Either that or you run the risk of letting it brown off faster than you can shout LAWNPORN, and lets be honest - nobody wants that.   

This concoction is specially formulated for a number of situations such as; 

  • For use at the start of the growing season 
  • Whilst your lawn is under repair from undue stress or injury (not point the finger but from the dog or the kids...)
  • After establishing a new lawn.

On the back of the bottle, you will see the special formula features super high nutritional levels (unmatched on the market) with the added ingredient of Kelp for biostimulant activity! You might be asking yourself what the hell that is and I agree with you so I did what every logical person would do, I googled it. Turns out, Kelpak is a seaweed extract that stimulates a plant's natural hormonal activity and Lawn Porn has a high grade of this in the product, much more than any other product on the market. Now, I failed biochemistry but any simple person can draw the conclusion that Kelp = good shit. And Lawn Porn Fertiliser has plenty of it. 

Phosphorous is also a pivotal ingredient in the success of this product. This is a nutritional requirement to help establish your root system correctly from the beginning and the importance is seen in the fact that this product has 10% of it made up from phosphite. This amount is sustainable within the soil and is converted to plant usable phosphate within the root system. This measurement is super precise as it prevents overloading the roots/ plant of phosphorous which would catastrophically result in compromising the root systems ability to take up other important nutrients such as iron! 

Application Rate: application is key. 50-100ml per 100m2 of lawn in 5-15L of water depending on the application method. This product is suitable for all grass types with the first application at the lowest strength than working your way up from there as your lawn gets use to the product. The product does not need to be watered in after application. (Can be tank-mixed with Root Builder +)


Lawn Porn Launch+ Fertiliser 1L

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