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Stihl SE 133 ME Wet & Dry Vacuum

Brand: STIHL
Product Code: 47860124434
Availability: Instore Sales Only

Now, this is the mother of all vacuums. Stihl has masterminded an elite cleaning tool which is a class above the rest. The SE 133 ME Stihl wet & dry vacuum cleaners with a button to switch the vacuum to dust class M. The vacuum features an automatic filter cleaning without the loss of suction power, automatic volume flow monitoring, infinitely variable speed control with adaptor plates for carrying toolboxes, anti-static accessories to extract dusty from battery tools. 

The vacuum makes light work of both fine dusts with large replaceable filter bags. When switching to wet suction, you easily remove the bags and can collect and vacuum wet debris easily. When using this vac with power tools you plug the power tool directly into the vacuum via the suction but also electrically and the vacuum will automatically turn on and off with the power tool as you pull the trigger. The SE 133 will run for a further 5 seconds after releasing the trigger to ensure it clears the suction tube. The unit monitors the air velocity of the vacuum and will give a warning beep if the levels drop below what is considered sufficient - this keeps the users in complete control when using the vacuum. 

Stihl is industry-leading when it comes to high-quality power tools and their M-Class SE 133 Vac is no different. 

Stihl SE 133 ME Wet and Dry Vacuum
Stihl SE 133 ME Wet and Dry Vacuum
Stihl SE 133 ME Wet and Dry Vacuum
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P (max) W
68 l/min
A Class Above. Dust Extraction class M
The SE 133 ME is a certified class M wet and dry vacuum unlike most commercial vacs on the market (in accordance with EU norm EN 60335-2-69). It easily meets the requirements of dust extraction class M for dusts with limit values > 0.1 mg/m³. During the suction process the air speed is monitored by the vacuum to ensure these requirements are maintained. If this falls below 20 m/s, the device indicates this using a light signal and then repeating an acoustic signal. The dust is minimised by the vacuum waste bag which is high quality and easy to change.
PTFE Flat-Fold Filter
The biggest killer of vacuums is because of the dust that gets draw into them and the premature wear they then suffer. Stihl knows this. The SE 133 has a super efficient filter with an additional nano-coating which results in low sedimentation and improved filter cleaning. A degree of filtration of at least (99.9%) - m class!!! The rear flap is easily accessible and easy to replace the filter.
Automatic Volume Flow Monitoring
As soon as the airflow falls below 20 m/s you are given a warning via a light and then are a further 7 seconds you are warned via a sound.
Suction Vac For Battery Tools
Ensures low-dust work with battery-powered and electric power tools.
Variable Speed Control
Your in full control! Suction power is on a dial at your finger tips. Increase it or lower it at your desire!
Automatic Filter Cleaning
The filter cleans itself to maximise the life of the vac! It achieves this by using targeted air pulses whilst maintaining the suction at the head - that means, self cleaning with no loss of power! This process is triggered automatically
Slot For Toolboxes
The top is flat to allow various accessories to be safely stored on top.
Stainless Tube and Quick Release
The tube is lightweight and durable plus the quick release coupling makes it super easy to switch between attachments
Nozzle Attachments
Loads of attachments are at your disposal and are store directly on your machine making it easy to switch between them.
The clips are both strong and practical so they are easy to open and access the bag but strong enough to withstand day to day use!

The unit uses two filters to maximise the life of the unit by increasing the amount of filters. The main PTFE filter meets the requirements set by a dust class M and in addition the filter is also washable giving you greater control over its maintenance.

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