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Book an iMow Repair/Service

Please read the information below this form before completing it.

NOTE: 4 week waiting list for Repair/Service bookings. Select a date 4+ weeks in advance. 

Book a Repair/Service of your iMow

Customer has elected to drop the unit to our store and collect it once it is done.

Customer has elected for us to pick the unit up and drop it off after completion of works, if you require only pick up or only delivery please write this in the comment box below. Someone will contact you to arrange a time and quote a price for pick up and delivery.

Customer has elected to book the trailer and ramps to get the equipment to our store, this is free of charge.

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Please Read:

Henderson Mowers & Chainsaws has been the leading small engine service and repair centre for the Ballarat regional area for over 50 years. Our small engine technicians have extensive experience and pride themselves on their work with a strong focus on communication with our clients at all times so that you are always in the know.

Our strong reputation does mean that our workshop at times can be fairly busy which is why we run a booking system to ensure that we maintain our high level of expertise. If for some reason you need your equipment done before the date available, please contact us to see if this can be done as we are extremely reasonable and understand some contractors/farmers and professional workers need their equipment more urgently although a surcharge may apply.




Labour Rate:

Our labour rate is $92 per/hr.


Small repairs:

Some units only require small amounts of work which we put through the workshop at a faster rate. Meaning that even if the workshop is booked out for 2 weeks these smaller jobs can be completed in one or two days. These jobs include but are not limited to:

  • Blades on push mowers
  • Throttle controls
  • Blade sharpening
  • Pull start repairs
  • Chain sharpening


Quotation of work:

We understand that not knowing how much a job will cost prior to the work being completed doesn’t allowing you to make an informative decision about the repair. For this reason we run a quotation service where the customer can elect to have the repair/service quoted prior to the job being done so they are aware of how much it will cost them. A mechanic will quote the job and contact you to inform you of how much the job will cost and what needs to be done. You can then communicate with the mechanic to decide what to do with your machine. If you decide to go ahead with the job you will pay the stipulated quote or if you decide against it you will pay the quotation fee below.* If you decide to replace you unit with a new one the quote fee will be waived if you purchase that machine from us.

  • Larger Items such as ride on mowers and diggers take typically 1 hour to quote drawing a fee of $82.
  • Smaller items such as lawn mowers, chainsaws and brushcutters take .5 of an hour to quote drawing a fee of $41.

*Henderson Mowers reserves the right to charge a higher quotation fee for larger items where the job requires extensive time to quote. You will be notified of this before the work it started. We also reserve the right to ask for the quotation fee to be paid before the quote is given if we feel it is necessary, if you decide to go ahead with the repair then this money will be placed as a deposit towards the work done. We also reserve the right to requote the machine if upon repairing it we discover something that was not noticed in the addition quote although if this occurs the customer will be contact immediately.  


Pick-up and delivery:

We are equipped with work trucks and utes fitted with jump packs and winches for those customers that require us to pick up their equipment at an additional cost. If you require this additional feature, please select it from the drop-down box under “method of transport.”

One of our staff will contact you with a cost with regard to pick-up and delivery and this depends on a number of factors. Alternatively, we also have a courtesy trailer and ramps available for customers to borrow free of charge in order to transport your units to our store. To do this, you simply select book trailer and ramps from the drop-down box under “method of transport” and we will contact you to arrange a time for you to borrow them.


Storing Unit:

We understand that sometimes you can only get your unit into us a few days or even a week prior to your booking. That is perfectly fine and in most instances we can manage to store all equipment inside at the days end although we do greatly appreciate your ability to drop the equipment off as close to the booking date as possible and pick it up shortly after it is completed.


Collecting the unit:

We completely understand that some people may be away once their unit is complete or unable to collect it due to some unforeseen circumstances. All we ask is that our staff are notified if you cannot collect your unit for a period within 2 weeks of the completion date. When you unit is complete the mechanic will sign the job off and you will receive a text message to the mobile number provided stating that the equipment you left has been completed.

If your unit is not collected after 6 months of the completion date, then Henderson Mowers & Chainsaws reserves the right to sell your equipment to recoup the cost of the repair or service.


Booking Date:

The date your machine is booked for is the date your machine will be first looked at. Meaning that if your machine is booked for a date and you leave it here prior to that date work on your machine will still not commence until that booking date. If we have to order parts for your machine it is common for us to have your equipment for 1-2 weeks post the booking date until the ordered parts arrive, although once again you will be notified in these circumstances.   Sometimes the workshop can run 1-2 days behind in which you will be notified, especially in busy periods such as spring. During these times staff will try their best to catch up although we do appreciate your



Waste Charge:

As we have become aware of the damage oil and fuel can have on our environment, Henderson Mowers & Chainsaws appropriately put in place a range of practices that allow us to dispose of oil and fuel in an environmentally friendly way. This comes at a monetary cost which is charged to the job:

  • $15 for ride on mowers
  • $5 for all other equipment

Workshop Supplies

Some units require a range of lubricants, sprays, grinding wheels and tools to complete the job required. These costs are covered under the workshop supplies charge for each unit. This charge is equal to $8.80.

Washing your unit:

All units are quickly washed after being serviced/ repaired as part of our job. Although it is your duty to bring your equipment into the store in a reasonable condition for our small engine technicians to work on. Equipment that must be cleaned prior to work being commenced will attract a wash fee:

  • $25 for ride on mowers
  • $12 for all other equipment



Henderson Mowers & Chainsaws greatly appreciates your support by choosing us as your desired service provider. As a locally owned and operated family business we endeavour to not only provide a great service but also build a relationship with our customers as a company you can rely on for all your power equipment needs.


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