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Stihl MS 500i Fuel Injected Chainsaw

Brand: STIHL
Availability: Instore Sales Only
from $2,299.00
WAS from $2,449.00

More grunt, less weight, and FUEL-INJECTED TECHNOLOGY. Oh, and boy-oh-boy does it look mint. 

Now let's get into the saw!

This saw will hands down be the best power-to-weight ratio saw on the market once it lands on our shores with it all being based around the fuel injection technology. The saw is aimed at serious woodcutters, designed for harvesting and cutting large pieces of timber, or simply for the person who wants the best performing saw on the market! 

Its simplest form the technology in this saw showcases a product that is super light and has unbelievable acceleration. Additional features include new bumper spikes, HD2 Air Filter, Captive nuts, controlled oil delivery with an optional model featuring heated handles!!

For more of an explanation on features is in a tab below along with specs! Oh, and the price AUD and Australian release date for the MS 500i Stihl is unknown but as soon as we know more it will put online.

There's also a cheaper version with the normal Stihl rollematic 20" bar option but lets be honest, if your going to get one. You're going to get the better bar.  

Learn what all the fuss is about for yourself. Grab your Stihl 500i from Henderson's today

COMING SOON Stihl 500i Fuel Injected Chainsaw Australia
COMING SOON Stihl 500i Fuel Injected Chainsaw Australia
COMING SOON Stihl 500i Fuel Injected Chainsaw Australia
COMING SOON Stihl 500i Fuel Injected Chainsaw Australia
Stihl MS 500i Chainsaw
COMING SOON Stihl 500i Fuel Injected Chainsaw Australia
COMING SOON Stihl 500i Fuel Injected Chainsaw Australia
COMING SOON Stihl 500i Fuel Injected Chainsaw Australia
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5/6.8 kW/bhp
1.3 kg/kW
106dB - K-factor according to DIR 2006/42/EC = 2.5 dB(A)
119 dB(a) - K-factor according to DIR 2006/42/EC = 2.5 dB(A)
4.2/4 m/s(^2)
Fuel Injected Stihl Technology
Stihl's innovative engineers have combined years of Stihl research and development in order to produce a saw that achieves a new level of high performance at low displacement and at an extremely low weight, this is all on the back of Stihl's fuel injected technology. It allows the saw to accelerate to top speed like no other product on the market going from 0 to 100 km/h in an astonishing 0.25 seconds meaning the power and grunt of the saw is almost instant from the moment you hit the trigger. The chainsaw has inbuilt sensors which measure the air pressure and the internal and external temperatures around the chainsaw at the time, this data is then assessed by the control unit and the saw then determines the optimum fuel and ignition timing required to be always performing at its peak, no matter the conditions. NOW THATS IMPRESSIVE!
Power-to-weight Ratio No Saw Can Match
Currently the MS 462 is the best on the market in this area but for a greater price tag the MS 500i will surpass it when it enters the Australian market. The fuel injected technology employed in the saw results in a significant decrease in the weight of the saw but in contrast also results in a significant increase in power. Weight is removed all over this saw whilst maintain the traditional durability and strength of a Stihl chainsaw. A lightweight sprocket cover, more compact engine unit, a low weight flywheel much like the MS 462 and a crank shaft with less weight that combines with the light flywheel to make using this saw a dream.
Sensor-Controlled Fuel Metering
The MS 500i really is a saw of the future as there is a sensor that measures the pressure and internal temperature sensor in its engine which changes the game. These sensors measure the environmental pressure on start-up, and during operation it checks the engine temperature and pressure in the crankcase. This is complimented by the electrical voltage generator that delivers the required speed information. All this information and data is processed by the control unit within the MS 500i Chainsaw so that the saw adapts to the conditions of the environment around it after the first few cuts. Then the fuel is dosed at the optimum level resulting in a saw that runs at its most peak performance without you having to do a single thing.
EasyStart Whether Cold or Hot
Starting a chainsaw has never been so easy... no choke the saw is always in the on position. Simply prime the saw 2 or three times on cold start and bang your away after you pull the saw over.
Electronically Heated Handles
No information as of yet whether this feature will be available in Australia as it is more commonly used overseas where people are cutting timber in freezing cold conditions. The electronically heated handles will ease warmth into your hands and fingers so that your grip and handling of the saw is not compromised by the conditions. Wear free heated grips and they are engaged easily by a switch.
HD2 Airfilter with Radial Seal
This Airfilter is designed by Stihl for maximum protection for your saw. The filter is made from PET material and incorporates a radial seal preventing the finest dust particles from entering your saw when maintained. The hermetic seal on the air filter greatly increases the service life of the engine and significantly reduces wear.
Decompression Value
The decomp valve needs to be pushed down when starting which minimises the compression pressure when you pull it over making it easier to start. The decamp value is semi-automatic meaning that it has to be manually engaged but it will automatically disengage when your saw kicks over.
Stihl ElastoStart
Stihl elastostart reduces the shock caused by the compression of the engine when starting it. The shock is reduced by the users joints and muscles through the spring or rubber element in the starter handle making it more comfortable to start for the operator.
Side Chain Tensioning
On the side of the chainsaw, on the sprocket cover is an easily accessible screw to tighten the chain accordingly.
Plunge Guide
These markings have been added to the saw to help operators with plunge cuts. this ensures better directional control and safe use of the machine during performance of a plunge cut.
Optimised Bumper Spikes
Stihl have gotten very technical with the bumper spikes adjusting their length and angle to account for the radial contours of trees allowing it to bite into the wood better then ever.
A Controlled Approach to Oil delivery
the oil pump gives you greater control over oil delivery as different bar lengths, wood types and sawing techniques require different amounts of oil. The controlled-delivery of the oil allows you to change this specifically for different job applications.
Tool Free Fuel and Oil Caps
These Stihl designed caps are tool free and seal perfectly ensuring no leakage.
Captive Bar Nuts
The bar nuts are held captive to the sprocket cover, so you can't lose them when change the bar, chain etc. Although if you loose the sprocket cover this feature won't be much help to you!
Optimised Sprocket cover
This revamp of the sprocket cover see's it flatter, narrower and with integrated side rails to reduce the effort needed by the operator when pruning and also ensures a more efficient chip removal.
STIHL's Ematic with NEW Oil Pump System
The new oil pump system allows a lot more oil to be delivered to the bar than normal when required. This is especially useful for those operators that are using the MS 500i in super dusty conditions.

No manuals are currently available

Stihl MS 500i ChainsawStihl MS 500i Chainsaw
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